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St Salvator's Quad is one of the best known landmarks in St Andrews. For more than five centuries the tall tower of St Salvator's has dominated the local skyline. Yet much of the rest of the design of St Salvator's Quad has been completely transformed in the years since Bishop James Kennedy established a College dedicated to Christ the Saviour in 1450. Now researchers from the University of St Andrews and Smart History take a first look at creating a new 3D digital reconstruction of St Salvator's College as it may have appeared in its medieval heyday.

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Consulting & Advising

Smart History offers expert consultancy in History, Archeology, Art History, Architectural History, Visitor Experience & Content Development Training.

Educational Experiences

Smart History works with schools to offer educational sessions with a range of interactive and immersive products and in developing content for school-based projects. We offer virtual world training and workshops to researchers and technicians, and in employer programmes for continuing professional development. We also offer sessions for one-off events and festivals. Please contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements.

Data Maintenance & Product Service Plans

To keep your content and your investment safe, Smart History offers data maintenance and product service plans to work with client needs now and in the future.

People who see the exhibit are astonished that such a brilliant, innovative exhibit is available in our small, remote museum

Meet the Team

Alan Miller Image

Dr Alan Miller

Chief Executive Officer

Alan is the team leader and a founding member of Smart History. He is a lecturer in the School of Computer Science at the University of St Andrews.

Sarah Kennedy Image

Sarah Kennedy

Head of Virtual Visualizations

Sarah specialises in the creation of 3D digital virtual visualisation scenes and videos, her latest work project was Edinburgh 1544 Virtual Time Binoculars.

Iain Oliver Image

Dr Iain Oliver

Head of Systems

Iain is the chief systems engineer at Smart History. He has experience in operating systems and programming languages.

Bess Rhodes Image

Dr Bess Rhodes

Head of Historical Research

Bess specialises in Scottish history, and the use of new technologies to illustrate and explore the past. She holds a doctorate in history from the University of St Andrews.

Catherine Cassidy Image

Catherine Cassidy

Head of Heritage Applications

Catherine is a PhD candidate specializing in curation, graphic design and digitising artefacts. She holds a master’s degree in Museum and Gallery Studies.

Perin Image

Perin Westerhof Nyman

History Researcher

Perin is a PhD candidate in Medieval History specializing in historical costume, heraldry and cutural connection. She has expertise working with written, visual and material sources.

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Lucy Hardie

Lucy Hardie specialises in character modelling and animations.

Kamila Image

Dr Kamila Oles

Head of Cultural Heritage

Kamila is art historian and archaeologist specialising in digital methods of curating, preserving, and researching monuments and museum collections.

Placeholder Image

Junyu Zhang

As a PhD candidate in Computer Science, Junyu specializes in computer assisted education, especially in language learning. Her research interest is using virtual technology to help the promotion and preservation of culture and heritage via the way of enhancing learning.

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Maria Andrei

Maria is a PhD candidate who is researching how climate change communication can be improved by digitising natural landscapes in order to visualize the future impacts of global warming. She has a master's degree in Computer Science.

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Sharon Pisani


Sharon is a PhD student in Computer Science specialising in augmented reality in heritage. She has experience in community collaboration, digitising, 3D modelling, and virtual worlds.

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Annie Birrel


Annie specialises in sustainability practices in the charitable and heritage sectors especially in museums and conservation organisations.

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