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Medieval St Andrews App

Ever wondered what it was like to wander the streets of medieval St Andrews? See for yourself, with a new, freely available app developed with academics at the University of St Andrews. The Medieval St Andrews App is a mobile application that enables learners to concurrently explore the physicality of St Andrews and access location specific research. The App acts as a guide providing a narrative linking together specific locations on the physical trail, which is freely available to students, visitors to St Andrews and the general public.

“Excellent history and technology. Great app.”   –  Kate_Richardson, iOS version

“This is really very clever and informative.”   –  Melanie Ndzinga, android version




Timespan: Museum Without Walls

Scotland’s Clearances Trail App brings alive one of the most notorious episodes in Scottish history – The Highland Clearances. The aim of the app is to give virtual and actual visitors an interactive trip around one of the country’s most beautiful and historic areas, the Strath of Kildonan, in the northernmost tip of Scotland. The epic voyage made by some families cleared from the Strath of Kildonan is widely viewed by historians as one of the most demanding journeys endured by European emigrants to North America.

“Fascinating guide to the Strath of Kildonan.” – Steve Brown




Arrochar Mobile App

An app that enables learners to concurrently explore the physicality of Arrochar and Tarbet Community. The Hidden Heritage Trail featured in this app explores the strip of land between Arrochar and Tarbet, and was developed by Arrochar and Tarbet Community Development Trust (ATCDT) in 2014 as part of the Hidden Heritage Project.

“Excellent” – Melanie Ndzinga





Eyemouth: Museum Without Walls

The Eyemouth’s Museum Without Walls App is a project undertaken with scholars at the University of St Andrews and Eyemouth Museum Trust to facilitate the exploration and understanding of the town of Eyemouth using new technologies and innovations in computer science. The app enables users to concurrently explore the town and access location specific research.




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